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Here at The Social Wall we are selective in the clients, cases & industries we pursue. We work hand in hand with you to help your business achieve your goals through cutting edge media and marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Solutions

We will drastically increase your company’s exposure across your target market by utilizing the Facebook platform. Our content management services and Facebook advertising & branding campaigns are specifically targeted to increase exposure, brand awareness, web traffic and social media connections to help you dominate your market AND competition! | more →

SMS Marketing

SMS (text message) marketing is one of the most effective ways to market any business or service. For a low monthly cost, you will be provided with software training and your own log-in information allowing you to INSTANTLY connect with your customers! SMS marketing is ideal for promoting coupons, specials, new products & services, reminders and more! | more →

Graphic Design

Our skilled team of graphic designers will transform your generic Facebook business page into a digital work of art. We combine advertising, design, and programming techniques to bring your brand to life on Facebook. Brand assessments, logo design, Twitter page design & website building services are also available. | more →

Let us help you over the wall!

climbTheWallOur mission is simple. To build our client’s brand awareness through the use of social media and mobile marketing solutions. We specialize in broad and targeted Facebook advertising, SMS marketing, content management, brand assessments and logo and web design. By selecting the right combination of marketing services for their industries, our clients are able to see a drastic increase in the exposure of their websites and social media profiles.
Why is this so important, you ask? It’s very simple. According to recent publications, it is projected that 50% of all online sales will be driven from social media by 2015. In addition it has been surmised that a customer who is a Facebook fan is 79% more likely to purchase versus only 41% of non-fans. Don’t let these numbers intimidate you. By ramping up your brand awareness we will help you climb the wall to a successful social media campaign.

Creativity or Energy? That is the question!

· 1 year ago

The Social Wall is pleased to announce that we are going MOBILE! If your business has customers, then you need to be looking at mobile marketing!..

· 1 year ago

Here is some surprising information: Senior Citizens are the FASTEST adopters of social media here in the United States!

· 1 year ago

It's no surprise that Facebook is at the top of the list!

· 2 years ago

· 2 years ago